Josep and Software

I started tinkering with computers at age 15 and haven’t stopped since.

Ruby and Rails are my tools of choice at the moment, but there have been many other before and I have no doubt that newer and shinier toys will come in the future.

Full stack web developer

Since mid 2015 I’ve been busy working in several web projects, both startups and stablished businessess, like Human Benefits, Kolau, Platform 161, Lingokids and You can see a more detailed CV here.

I have centered my work on the ecosystem around Ruby on Rails, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sidekiq, Redis and related serverside technologies, adding complex, client-side JavaScript and TypeScript logic (specially with Angular) and some Big Data icing, mainly with Google Big Query.

In addition, I’ve made some inroads in Open Source projects, like TermuxRubyApi, a Ruby gem designed to interface with Android through the amazing Termux project or TkComponent and TkInspect, some gems to create desktop GUIs in Ruby.

You can see some of my Presentations about this topics.

A history of entrepreneurship

Between 2005 and 2015 I was involved in launching, running and growing Evadium, an online travel agency specialized in short trips around Spain combined with activities and experiences designed to enjoy the local attractions.

Apart from being involved in actually running the business, I spent a good time building the whole website and booking engine with Ruby on Rails. That gave me quite a grasp about the ins and outs of building and deploying real world, money-making web applications, with limited resources.

And a rich experience before the web

All this web experience notwithstanding, the truth is that I cut my teeth in software development long before the Internet became mainstream.

Having worked both as a developer and a consultant, the number of technologies I’ve got to deal with is too long to list here and also would make me feel somewhat old (suffice to say that 8 bit computers and Z80 assembly would make it into that list).

Anyway, I’m specially keen of the years I spent using NeXT computers and NeXTstep developer tools, around the 90s, when Objective-C was seldom known and seemed like a dead-end career direction. Go and see for yourself. I still have my old NeXTstation Color in its original packaging, although it hasn’t been powered on for some years…

Always with a pragmatic approach

As much as I enjoy coding for its own sake, along these years I’ve acquired an increasingly pragmatic vision about the field, having lived through a number of the tidal waves that periodically shake this industry, just to re-invent the wheel in newer and fancier colors.

As a consequence, nowadays I always try to apply a discerning eye when choosing and deploying technology, both for my own projects and for others’. Maybe the final product doesn’t end up being as cutting edge as it could have been, but it usually turns up to be more effective and efficient.

Let’s talk IT

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