Josep Egea CV

  • Software Developer and Team Lead
  • Proficient in Ruby, Rails and more
  • BS in CS, 1994 UPC (Barcelona)
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan
  • Based in Madrid, Spain, available for remote work worldwide

Professional Experience

2000 2005 2010 2015 2020
Software developer & technical writer IT Consultant Co-founder and Technical Lead in a Start up Freelance Web Software Developer and Team Lead

Platform 161
Verve Group2019 - Present day
Software Development Team Lead / Head of Frontend

Leading a team of 10-15 developers and devops across 5 regions and 3 timezones, spanning 6 nationalities, including internal employees, freelance contractors and 3rd party providers.

Using Agile practices combined with selected KPI’s to manage both the productivity and the quality of results, including aspects like technical debt or the usage of peer programming.

With the recent acquisition of Platform 161 as a member of the Verve Group, we’re expanding our development process to other frontend projects of the group.

2015 - 2019 Senior Full-Stack Software Developer

Ruby on Rails multitenant application with a REST API’s and a Angular SPA that deals with hundreds of TBs using tools like Percona MySQL, Google Big Query, ClickHouse and more.


Human Benefits
Senior Full-Stack Software Developer

Evolve and grow a newly designed HR and employee benefits application to reach a MVP. Using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and external tools like HelloSign.

Ruby on Rails consultant

Advisor about general application architecture while building MVP using Ruby on Rails. 2005 - 2015 Co-Founder and Technical Lead

Bootstrapped the company, along with my co-founder, growing it to become an online travel agency still operating today.

Besides co-direction, building and running public web site, booking engine, several internal admin apps and an extranet to connect to external partners, using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, among others.

Penteo ICT Analyst 2000-2007 IT Analyst, Consultant and Manager

During 7 years, I held different positions in analysis, consulting, research and business development, working in several IT areas, like Outsourcing management, ERP software deployment, IT department reorganization or optimization of development teams, to name a few.

Open Source

Creator and contributor of Open Source projects.

Madrid.rb2020 - Present day Organizer of the Madrid Ruby Users Group (Madrid.rb)

After more than 10 years attending the group meetings and activities, in 2019 I became the organizer of the group.

Relevant activities We organize monthly meetups to present and discuss relevant news and knowldege around Ruby

TkComponent TkInspect2020 - 2021 Creator of TkComponent, TkInspect and TkInspectRails

Ruby gems designed to help the creation of Desktop GUI’s in Ruby using Tk.

TkComponent provides a more modern and component-oriented layer to create GUI’s on top of regular Ruby Tk.

TkInspect builds on top of TkComponent to provide a visual environment for Ruby code, similar to what Smalltalk provides.

TkInspectRails adds helpers to use TkInspect with Ruby on Rails apps.

Talk about TkComponent:

TermuxRubyApi2019 Creator of TermuxRubyApi

A Ruby Gem for interacting with Android API from within Termux.

Talk about TermuxRubyApi:

Ruby 3 Concurrency2021 Presentation and scripts about Ruby 3 Concurrency

Presentation on Madrid.rb about the different concurrency options available in Ruby 3, including Threads, the Fiber Scheduler and Ractors, with example code and graphical results.




Scenic MySql Adapter2018 Patch to Fix schema.rb generation on Rails 4.x

scenic and scenic-mysql_adapter are gems that make it easier to support SQL views with ActiveRecord.

With versions of Rails < 5.0, there was an error when generating an schema.rb that caused views to be duplicated.

Created a patch and submitted a PR to fix the issue that was merged into master.


Active Support2019 Patch to improve ActiveSupport::Duration

When pretty-printing ActiveSupport::Duration objects out of additions, the results are not normalized (i.e. “3 minutes and 70 seconds”).

Created a patch to add a normalize method and submitted a PR to the Rails repo, but it wasn’t merged.


Technical Skills

A selection of technical skills.

Languages and Tools

  • Ruby
  • Javascript and Node
  • Objective-C and Cocoa
  • C and UNIX tools: Lexx, Yacc …
  • Git, SVN, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket
  • GNU Emacs

Software Development

  • OOP & OOD
  • TDD
  • Agile, Scrum, Kanban
  • Jira and other project tools
  • Remote communication tools


  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Google Big Query, ClickHouse
  • Redis, Sidekiq
  • GCP, AWS
  • Apache, Linux, UNIX
  • Vagrant, Docker

Web Development

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript, TypeScript, CoffeScript
  • Angular, React & VueJS


2006 - 2016 Organizer and Instructor in Photography Workshops

As part of the “themed trips” in Evadium, I took the lead in organizing Photography Workshops in selected, picture-worthy locations around Spain and abroad, including destinations such as Iceland and Morocco.

With hired photography professionals or as an instructor myself, the workshops lasted from 1 day to a whole week, and offered an immmersive experience for photography lovers, where they could learn more about the craft, practice their skills in scenic locations and meet with other enthusiasts.

Nexus Servicios de Información 1993-2000 Software Developer, Project Manager and Technical Lead

Developing business applications and websites using NeXTstep / OpenStep (first) and MacOS X (later) with Objective-C, using the NeXT/Apple frameworks (DBKit, Enterprise Objects Framework, Cocoa) and SQL database servers from Sybase and Oracle.

Relevant technologies: NeXTstep, OpenStep, Mac OS X, Cocoa, Objective-C, UNIX stack, Lexx & Yacc, Sybase SQL Server, Oracle, CVS, UML.

Disseny i Gestió Informàtica, s.l. 1990-1993 Co-founder and Software Developer

While at college, and together with two other students there, we founded Disseny i Gestió Informàtica, s.l., a custom software development company for SMB’s that built accounting, sales and production management applications using DOS and Turbo Pascal 5.5. Later evolving to C/C++, Delphi and Windows.

1990-2000 Freelance writer and translator for IT magazines

For several years, I worked with various technical magazines and publications writing original content and translating pieces from the American headquarters, adapting it for the Spanish market.

My articles appeared in the Spanish editions of several magazines, like Byte, Datamation, PCPlus and others. I also wrote IT articles for the generic newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya.