Open Source

I love to create and contribute to Open Source projects.

These are some of them.

In addition, you can find all my open source code in GitHub


Ruby gems designed to help the creation of Desktop GUI’s in Ruby using Tk.

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TkComponent provides a more modern and component-oriented layer to create GUI’s on top of regular Ruby Tk.

TkInspect builds on top of TkComponent to provide a visual environment for Ruby code, similar to what Smalltalk provides.

TkInspectRails adds helpers to use TkInspect with Ruby on Rails apps.

Talk about TkComponent:


A Ruby Gem for interacting with Android API from within Termux.

Talk about TermuxRubyApi:

Patch for Scenic MySql

scenic and scenic-mysql_adapter are gems that make it easier to support SQL views with ActiveRecord.

With versions of Rails < 5.0, there was an error when generating an schema.rb that caused views to be duplicated.

I created a patch and submitted a PR to fix the issue that was merged into master.


Patch for ActiveSupport::Duration

When pretty-printing ActiveSupport::Duration objects out of additions, the results are not normalized (i.e. “3 minutes and 70 seconds”).

I created a patch to add a normalize method and submitted a PR to the Rails repo, but it wasn’t merged.